Wednesday, March 30, 2011

It's all about the goodies! Pickleball - Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Bob-the-Hopp brought along some yum-oh brownies (with nuts, of course). He also brought the little table and Zip Locks. Most of those in attendance took advantage of the calories; some even pulled themselves away long enough to play hard-core Pickleball: The tally: Bob H, Mike, Gary, Peter P, Ralph, Anne, Joanie, Johnny, Carol, Sharon & this Editor in Chief.
We had a nice day of P'ball, although some of the troops peeled away earlier than usual. Above: Johnny (Hoot) fires away as Peter P looks on. Below: Anne (formerly Pit Bull). She wants her handle changed from Pit Bull to Dutchess (with the emphasis on the last syllable - Dutch-ess, not Dutch-iss). Apparently one or more of our p'ballers occasionally addresses her as Pit. That stings. We'll have to see how the new moniker works out. Notice Ralph's new hat with a Pickleball cleverly attached to the beak.

Above: Ralph wearing his game face. Below: Peter P hauling back for a forehand return.
We carried on for about 2 hours and had tons of fun and more than a few exceptional games Looking to play again of Friday. Stay tuned. Spike

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