Sunday, March 13, 2011

Pickleball Action - Friday, 3/11/11

Above: Stevie-you've-got-to-Wonder demonstrates his world renown (and confirmed) twelve-inch vertical leap - easily beating the previous record of 6" set in 2010. Hoot (foreground) and Gary and Muriel look on in understandable awe.
We had 12 players in action including Johnny and Carol who have been out of action for a few weeks and Albert - visiting from Oregon who was playing is last session with our group before heading back home. Also: Anne, Jan, Gary, and Muriel, Mike, Steve, Ralph, Sharon and Ron.

It was great having Albert on hand for the last few weeks. he added a lot to our games and fit in with our crowd like a seasoned Upstate Pickleballer. He even brought cookies to a few matches which is always a plus. A very good player. Better to be his partner than his opponent. But, of course, there is plenty of excellent talent on the UPG roster, so Albert took his share of loses.

We had fine weather, with the usual March breezes. We are so used to windy days that it is hardly an issue - though it continues to be a good excuse factor.
Above: Clockwise from top L: Muriel and Gary; again; Ralph serving to Jan and Spidy; Albert gabbing with Cupcake and Pit Bull.
Above: Clockwise from top L: Carol (Lash) serving to Jan and Spidy; Spidy (with partner, Jan), pounding a backhander to Ralph and Lash; Jan (foreground) with Lash and Ralph across the net; Gab session.

So, one more great day on the courts, with some exceptional games, loads of camaraderie and another excellent final match where Stevie-no-Wonder and Albert  (Albert-of-O) hung on and beat Spidy and Spike.

Watching the weather. We might be looking at Wed and Friday, or some other combo. Stay tuned. Spike.

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