Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Almost 121212 - Tuesday, Dec 11, 2012

We had eleven players today: Chris, Mike, Gary A, Julia, Bob D, Johnny, Carol, Gary H, Steve, Peter and Ron. The hard-paced matches took a heavy toll. Carol took a ball to the nose and Gary A acquired a wrist abrasion which required minor medical care. These events did not stop the p'ball action. All players carried on.
Below: Bob D showing his style.
We had a new player who happen by and watched from the parking lot for about an hour. He finally milled near enough to the courts where Spidy invited him to join us. His name is Keith. We handed him a paddle and gave him a little one-on-one court time. He easily returned every ball sent his way. So, nice folks that we are, he was put into a match. Unfortunately, after about 20 minutes he pulled a calf muscle and had to retire from the match. Then he headed home. He wasn't around for our Membership/Communications Division to secure his email address, but, here's hoping the injury is minor and that he comes back for another session.
Below. Top L: Chris/Steve; Top R: Spidy and partner vs Chris/Steve; Bott L: Chris's Kokopelli paddle (not the brand, the image). Check out Kokopelli's claim to fame. Bott R: Damaged equipment.
Below. L: Duplicate collage image. Ignore it, if you can. Top: Johnny/Peter; Bott: Gary A.
Chris will be leaving this neck of the woods in the very near future. The move is job related - otherwise, who would move to Toledo just when the long winter is just setting in? Hope Chris makes it back this way every once in a while. Best regards.


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