Saturday, December 8, 2012

Pearl Harbor Day P'ball - 12/07/2012

 We had 10 players today even though the weather seemed like it could turn on us any second. But, thanks to the UPG Weather Arranger, the sky brightened and we enjoyed a sparkling day. Players: Gary A, his daughter-in-law Jena, Steve, Walt, David, Julia, Jim, Karen, Mike and Ron. Thanks to Gary A for taking some of the following photos. Dave - a Saturday player - joined our weekly session for the first time. Added another dimension to our session with his youthful speed and intensity. Jena, never played pickleball before, but she showed considerable talent as soon as she set foot on the court. After a short instruction period with Gary, she started playing matches. Played like a veteran.

Below: Spidy (Mike) and Spike (Ron)

Below. Top: Jena, Walt/Karen; Bottom: Karen, Ron
 Below. Top: Gary A, Steve/David; Bottom: Steve (Stevie Wonder), Julia/Jim
As always, there were many matches played and plenty of exciting battles. It's always a pleasure to have new players on the courts and to see the notable improvements made each session by our newer players. If you haven't been around for a while, it's time to get off your duff and come on down to Gower and get back into the playing groove. There is plenty of action to be had in any skill level.

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It's good to be back in full-time action.

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