Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Tuesday P'ball session - Dec. 4, 2012.

Above. Clockwise from top L: Chris, Kim, Jeff, Steve and Gary A.
 Seventy degrees and breezy. Perfect p'ball weather and players were out in force. Sixteen in all. Walt, Bob D, Peter, Carol, Johnny, Julia, Barbara, Kim, Jeff, Claude, Chris, Gary H, Gary A, Steve, Mike and Ron. So, with that crowd we easily kept 4 courts busy - even though, on some occasions players did plunk down and enjoy the balmy December weather.

Below. Counterclockwise from bottom R: Barbara, Julia/Peter, Gary H, Mike/Claude.

 Below from the northwest, easterly then southerly: Walt/Claude, Kim/Gary A, balls, etc.
Can't say too much about the session, except that there were a lot of games played, we had loads of fun and everyone stayed vertical. Also. We had one spectator - Josee, Claude's 'bride'. She is also a p'baller, but this day she decided to watch a little and walk a little.

Newsy stuff: Don D will be out of commission for a while. He recently had major rotator cuff surgery on his right shoulder. Unfortunately, that's his playing arm side. Hoping for a speedy recovery.

Tonight (depending on when you read this blurb) is the UPG Annual Seasonal Holiday Party. So far about 16 couples will attend the bash. To be held at the River Walk Clubhouse. See you there.


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