Tuesday, December 18, 2012

December 14, 2012 - P'ball Session

There are no photographs for this day's events, because the UPG OFFICIAL CAMERA suffered a malfunction. It (the camera) is out of sorts and so is the camera person.

But, UPGers carried on. Twelve players were in action: Mike, Steve, Gary A, Gary H, Rob, Kim, Bob D, Lynne, Julia, Claude, Walt and yon Editor.

There was some confusion at first because Claude and Josee showed up and immediately took over a designated Pickleball court. No problem there, except they were armed with tennis racquets and fuzzy yellow balls. They had at it for a while, then Josee went for a walk in the park and Claude changed equipment and began playing p'ball. Whew. Thought we were going to have a real problem with the infliction dubbed Pickleball Court Intrusion (PCI). But, it wasn't to be.

Sun-in-your-face was present. That situation caused some missed high lobs, but it was a beautiful winter day with just a puff of a breeze with the temperature hovering right around 60 degrees. No complaints there.

We kept 3 courts busy with lots of grueling matches and a few that weren't. Loads of fun, with pals on a nice day.

Rob (a relative newbie, he asserts) rustled up Gary A as a partner and issued a challenge to Kim (Rob's loving wife) and Lynne. Kim acknowledged that Rob had thrown down the gauntlet. Kim, a polished player and Lynne (nicknamed Ace for good reason) accepted the challenge and the match commenced. OK. So K and L won the match and that should have been the end of it. But, no. Gary, but most probably Rob, issued another challenge - a grudge match. Big mistake. 0 and 2.

Fun in the sun.

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