Friday, December 7, 2012


UPG's 4th Annual Holiday Bash, held at the very nice Riverwalk Clubhouse, was a raging success. At last count there were 26 partiers. Everyone brought plenty of food so there was a nice selection of main course dishes, snacks and desserts thanks to Sharon's masterful coordination prowess. Gary A and Kaye worked very hard setting up the tables and chairs and decorating for the event and even had soft background music playing. We had a good mix of UPG 'old-timers' and several newer players as well.

The second most exciting event of the evening took place first. Before the event even started! Gary A or Kaye (but, most likely Gary - because he's a man) misplaced the key to the Clubhouse. Kaye went to their home and searched where Gary suggested and came back empty handed. Then, Gary went to look. In the mean time party-goers started to accumulate on the front porch of the still darkened clubhouse. UPGer Bob D and wife Bonnie walked up from the parking lot and Bob noticed something on the sidewalk. "What's this", Bob said and held up the key which was dangling from a long lanyard. We were saved from having the party on the porch!
The first most exciting event took place a while later after folks had finished the yummies and were in the midst of socializing and imbibing. The Passing Of The Pickle took place for the 5th time. The much-sought after and much hailed award was presented to Johnny and Carol during a solemn ceremony that reflected the significance of the event. The Kosher Pickle is awarded to UPGers whose contribution to our group and the promotion of Pickleball in general goes well above and beyond the call of Pickleball duty. The The Passing Of The Pickle is akin a collegiate football player being awarded the Heisman trophy. Johnny and Carol initiated a Pickleball course for beginners under the OLLIE program at Furman University. They rustled up paddles and balls, conducted several classes and trained about a dozen players over a period of several weeks. Some of the newbies continued on and came to Gower where they received more instructions from J and C and other UPGers. Some of those new players are - or, soon will be hard core UPG players. Good show Johnny and Carol and congratulations. PS: The Pickle survives best if it spends at least part of the year on a Christmas Tree.

Below: Carol and Johnny displaying the Pickle w/ Jan looking on.

 End of story. Until next year, that is. For a complete history of THE  PASSING OF THE PICKLE scroll down to the next posting.
See you on the courts.

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