Sunday, November 29, 2009

Characteristics of a Pickleball Addict

You Know You Are A Pickleball Addict When?
•You have postponed a hip replacement, knee surgery, and a dental appointment so you won't miss a pickleball game.
•You consider warming up before playing pickleball is a waste of good court time.
•You can no longer read the Pro-Lite label on the face of your paddle.
•You wash your paddle with soap and water after every game.
•Your collection of paddles includes wood, composite, and graphite.
•You played on a day when you had to wear gloves, three sweaters, sweat pants, and a jacket.
•You strap on two knee braces, two elbow braces, and a back brace and yell "I'm warmed up, who wants to play?"
•You come off the court after an hour straight, hyperventilating, wiping sweat with a towel, sit down, take a swig of water and then immediately jump up and yell "Let's go, I can only play for another hour!"
•You got angry because it rained two days in a row.
•You got upset because you didn't win a 50 cent bronze medal at the last tournament.
•You got excited because you won a silver medal in the last tournament and there was one other entry in your age category.
•You have a different pickleball T-shirt for every day of the week.
•You figure your game is so bad you have to do something, so you purchase the latest Pro-Lite "enforcer" .
•You actually named your dog, Pickles.
•Someone yelled "dink" and you didn't look down to see if your fly was undone.
•Your only reason for going to Walgreens is to buy a bottle of Aleve.
•You make a trip to Wal-Mart to buy a brace for your elbow, your wrist, and both knees.
•You get up in the morning and it takes you five minutes to roll out of bed.
•You know that 2-4-1 is the score of a game and not a sign at a flea market.

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