Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Pickleball Wednesday Afternoon 11-25-09

These were the players in the last game of the day... Steve, John, Mike & Ken
The weather was better this afternoon than it was yesterday. The sun was out and it was probably in the mid 60's and not much wind. There were 8 of us pickleball players today.... Steve, Mike, John, Gary, Catherine, Carol, Ken & I. For a while there were 6 of us so 4 would play doubles and 2 would play singles. Then Catherine arrived and we had doubles and canadian doubles going. Carol came and made it perfect so that we had 8 and could play doubles on both courts. I didn't get any pictures of Gary, Catherine or Carol as by the time that I could take a few pictures they had left to go home. I only got pictures during the last game. We missed all of our pickleball buddies that couldn't make it today. We're still wondering what happened to Ralph. Last word we got was that he was only going out of town for a few days. That was 2 weeks ago. Anyways we're planning our next pickleball session to be on Friday afternoon. Hope you can come and bring a friend. See ya then. Lynn
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