Sunday, November 29, 2009

Pickleball Sunday Afternoon 11-29-09

We had a good group for pickleball today. Playing on the weekend gives some players another chance to play when they can't make it during the week. There were 11 of us today and 1 spectator. The players today were Gary, Muriel, John, Ralph, Jan, Ron, Mike, Barbara, Lynne S., Ken and I. Barbara's husband Paul was the spectator. It was Barbara's first time to try pickleball. By the time she had to go she was getting a little more used to it. We had a pretty nice day..... sunny once the sun decided to stay out, windy and in the 60's. The wind was really doing some tricks with the ball today that definitely gave us more of a challenge. At one point it started raining with the sun still shinning brightly. Wierd. Ralph finally showed back up. We were beginning to wonder if the hogs got him. HA!! Just kidding Ralph. Jan told us that she went up to Waynesville, NC yesterday and played for 3 hours with the group there. They play inside in an armory with a cement floor and have 3 courts. Jan said that their level of play is similar to ours.
Looking at the weather forecast Tuesday looks pretty good so we'll plan to get together for more fun and pickleball games then. Hope you can make it. Lynn

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