Saturday, November 14, 2009

Pickleball Saturday Morning 11-14-09

It was a great morning for pickleball. We played our first ever scheduled pickleball session at McPherson Park this morning. 4 of us started playing just before 9:00..... Mike, Steve, Ken and I. We had to play at McPherson Park as there was a disc golf tournament going on at Timmons. The 4 of us played for a couple of hours then shortly after 11:00 Catherine and Dave arrived. We were finishing up a game so they went over on the other court and hit some balls to warm up. It worked out good that Catherine and Dave came as Mike had to go home to watch the Clemson football game on TV. The 5 of us that were left played till about 12:30 and then called it a day. We're planning to play Monday morning at 9:00 back at Timmons Park. Hope to see everyone there. Lynn

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