Saturday, November 7, 2009

Pickleball Saturday Morning 11-7-09

Catherine & Ken
The morning started off in the low 40's but the sun was out and there was no wind. We warmed up quickly after we started playing. There were 7 of us total for pickleball today and we had a good time. We had another new player today. Her name is Diane and she just moved here from Minnesota. She has been a racquet ball player in the past so she did very well with pickleball. We started out with 4 players this morning for the first game..... Steve, Catherine, Ken and I. Then Joanie arrived before 9:30. We rotated her in to the next game. Diane was next and Ken worked with her on the other court explaining how the game is played and hitting some balls with her. By the time Diane had to leave Dave showed up. We were back to 5 players then and went back to rotating a player out and one back in. Catherine left before we were finished for the day so Ken, Steve, Dave and I played one more game before calling it quits.
The weather report for Tuesday is 50% chance of rain so we're thinking we're going to have to plan for Monday. Hope you can make it. Lynn
Joanie & Steve

Dave & Ken
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