Monday, November 16, 2009

Pickleball Monday Morning 11-16-09

Who is going to get this ball?? Steve or Jan?
For those of you who did not show up for pickleball this morning..... we had a great time and it warmed up wonderfully. If anyone thought it was going to be too cold, well it definitely was not. There were 7 pickleball players today. Anne was the last player to come, arriving about 10:20 after her aerobics class at senior action. It was really nice to have Anne back out on the court with us after her 40 day hike in Spain with Doris. The players today were Steve, Mike, Joanie, Jan, Anne, Ken and I. We had some doubles games going and some singles games. Also some canadian doubles. We started playing about 8:45 and played till about 12:15 with hardly any sitting out. We left Steve at the park eating his lunch as he had bowling to go to this afternoon.
Don't forget that we're playing tomorrow (Tuesday) afternoon at 1:00. Hope to see you there..... Lynn
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