Friday, April 2, 2010

'Hot' Pickleball Session - April 2, 2010

Above: Buckeye lifts one out of the corner and lets it fly with a smooth backhand.

It was the hottest day of the season with the temperature hovering right around 88 degrees. Luckily, we had some squirrely breezes that cooled things down a bit and helped account for more than a few balls that were somewhat off their mark. That's what a few players claimed, anyway.
Present and accounted for: Mike, Bob H, Johnny, Peter, Carol, Jan, John, Gary, Sharon & the person who one-finger-typed this BLOG. That would be 10 players for any bean counters who read this Blog.
The heat wore on us and some games seemed like they would never end. How many times can one say: "3, 4, 1" before people start dozing off? It turns out that saying it five times does the trick.
There were several blowouts and at least 3 matches where teams made big comebacks to utterly destroy the morale of their opponents. But, we had a swell day anyway, including some good-natured joshing. Above: Jan prepares to blast the little yellow pill toward Carol as Johnny looks on.
Below: Peter demonstrates some of his fanciest footwork!Below: Cupcake takes a crack at the ball, presumably with much needed and welcomed guidance from Spidy!

So, that's it folks. We will probably start playing in the morning starting next week. At some respectable hour like 9:00. Stay tuned.
Also: One picture that I planned to post disappeared (a picture of Gary-no-nick-name poaching a ball from Carol) when I made the mistake of trying to delete a line of text. The picture of Buckeye Bob was supposed to be the third picture, not the 'cover' picture. Apparently it is not possible to cut and paste text, so if one wants to change the location of text, it must be deleted then re-typed somewhere else. This 15-minute blurb has taken almost 2 hours and has worn this amateur, part-time Blogger, out. I'm going off to commit hari kari, or whatever it is that those Japanese folks do with those big knives - so I won't be there next week. It's been nice knowing you.
Spike (RIP)
Spidy: You had better show up and say something nice about me. I'd do the same for you, but I won't be available.

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