Thursday, April 1, 2010

Pickleball - "Where it's at!" - 3/30/2010

Or, where is it at?

At Timmons Park on a sparkling day with eight players present - not necessarily at the same time.

Even though we had eight players, some left early and others arrived later and except for one monumental full-court singles match, we only occupied one court.

Present: Steve (after a several days hiatus), Anne, John, Mike, Bob H, Gary, Sharon & Ron.


Anne (Pit Bull) took a digger while moving back for a shot and ended up making a graceful, ballet-like fall and recovery. Brushed herself off, never lost her smile and continued the battle.

Buckeye Bob H was on fire. He drilled many a kill shot, frustrating the folks on the other side of the net. He made several notable hustle-plays as well. But, Buckeye never outwardly gloated. Or, did he? What about that wry smile? Hmmm.

John the Spinmaster, wore his opponents with his cunning (some would say: cruddy) drop shots.

Spidy & Gary were onto their games with their wicked serves and overhand smashes. More than one player wore a few of the shots on their person, when in fact, the real idea is to strike the ball with the paddle - not with the forehead.

Stevie Wonder, who finally came out of hiding, mumbled about being out of shape - for lack of playing. But, that didn't hold true in any of his matches. He played hard, his shots were mostly on target and, as is his custom - he maimed two players who were recipients of his signature overhand kill shot.

Cupcake, made some nice dashes for cross-court shots. Unfortunately, some of the return shots didn't actually land in the same court she was playing on - on the other hand, none went over the fence.

Yon author failed miserably at this session's photojournalistic duties as is probably already fairly evident, by the total lack of photographs. However, I did almost beat Spidy in a full-court singles match - loosing (or, being edged) by a score of 11-7.

We'll be playing on Friday 4/02/10. Hoping some some of our long-lost players can make it.


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