Tuesday, April 6, 2010

UPG - April 6, 2010

We had a very nice day and a great turnout of our 1st morning session of the season. We were glad to see Bob Tidball who stopped by for a visit. He didn't play because he is nursing a tender shoulder. Hoping Bob makes a quick recovery and then shows up to shake up the troops with some of his blistering shots. Present and in full action mode: Gary, Jan, John, Johnny, Joanie, Carol, Mike, Anne, Bob H, Sharon, newbie: Ray (who learned some finer points of the game on the empty court while a foursome was battling it out on the other court) and this writer, who you may have noticed did not commit hari-kari as promised in the previous BLOG. But, don't give up - there is still hope! Above: Bob H and Johnny take on Carol and Gary. Below: Johnny prepares to hit the ball, but only its shadow shows.
Below: Spidy takes one deep and sends it back with vigor.
Below: Joanie fires a missile as John (Spinmaster) looks on. As always, we had lots of good games and most folks were glad that we are in the morning (not mourning) mode. It's a good way to beat the heat.

OK, so the formatting didn't come out as expected. But thanks to Lynn's assistance the staff did manage to create the collage below. That's Jan demonstrating her dexterity. She's got to work on the leaping-over-the-net move. This - her first attempt this decade - only garnered her a 4.2 out a possible 10.
Again, glad to see Bob T again, and welcome to Ray for his 1st try at P'ball. Hope to see another good turnout at our next session, that will probably take place on Friday, 4/9/10.

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