Monday, April 19, 2010

Monday P'ball - April 19, 2010

A spectacular day. Not just the weather, either. Stupendous matches, awesome hustle-plays, mind-boggling, death-defying net volleys, earth-shattering overhand kill shots, breathtaking serves (some even, underhand), humongous, blistering backhands and several two-fisted double shunts. Players: John, Mike, Bob H, Stevie Wonder, Sharon & yon editor. Jan also showed up, but couldn't play due to a tennis injury (hopefully, a short-term thing). Above: John bit-the-bullet and paid double the usual bribe amount and thereby became the unanimous choice to this weeks 1st poster child.
Stevie Wonder, was on the scene after a lengthy hiatus. It only took a few games to get in the groove. Below: He lifts one from the deep.

Below: Some player will soon be wearing a pickleball that Spidy is about to deliver C.O.D.

What a ham. But, what about that shot through the net?

So, there you go. Even though we had only six players and one fan, we has a great time and a fistful of good matches. ALSO: cancel all of your appointments, for Friday. A few surprises are planned for that day, including a contest (details to be determined) where, one lucky players will win a $100 bill. This is NOT a joke. However, the event is limited to live players only. Imposters and folks with a heartbeat of 6 or under will be forcibly removed from the court and leaned against a tree. Weather permitting, we'll see you Friday. Check your email for official notifications!

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