Friday, April 9, 2010

Upstate Pickleball Group - April 9, 2010

When we arrived at the courts this AM, we had a little water to remove - deposited by last night's T-storms. But, we made short work of it, even though John wasn't there to supervise the project. We also had some serious wind to contend with (with which to contend?). And, pollen. More about that, later.
Present: Carol, Johnny, Peter, Bob H., Gary, Sharon and Ron. We elected to play on one court and shuffle players in, because there was no interest in playing Canadian Doubles. Which is just as well because we got a lot of gabbing time in. It was quieter today than usual; still trying to figure out why?
The wind offered up some challenges, but we laughed them off. In fact, some players used the wind to their advantage by lofting balls into the gusts thereby letting them land at some disagreeable spot for their opponent - sometimes even on the court.
Has anyone noticed the pollen in the last few weeks? Everything is coated with it, including the courts - in spite of the recent rain. Sharon discovered that, if you try to stop quickly while lunging forward, the body stops adequately, but the feet don't. She landed - not really daintily - on the deck and bummed her wrist. Or, she landed on her bum and decked her wrist. Or, something like that. Anyway, she is OK. We had fun today, but are missing some of our pals. Anne has an excuse, because she's in sunny Florida - probably visiting w/ Ken & Lynn at this very moment. And, that moment will depend on when you read this. Also: how about the collages that the UPG staff has been installing with gay abandon? You'll be collaged to death for the next six months or so. Finally, the Editor in Chief and his cronies will be fired, the production staff will be 're-assigned' and the old boring, captioned, single photos will re-appear just like in the good old days. So, keep the faith and we'll see you next week when we will once again change the starting time - this time to 9:30AM. Stay tuned.

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