Friday, April 23, 2010

Pickleball Extravaganza - April 23, 2010

There were 13 players today, probably due in part because of the quest for the $100 prize for the contest, that was undetermined, and that was never actually held. But, as you can see in the un-retouched photo above, presumably taken with a long lens, or perhaps a low-orbiting satellite - Bob H and Jan were awarded an actual, real - though larger than usual - $100 bill. Taxes prepaid by an anonymous benefactor. They won the cash handily by coming in 2nd place in a best-of-one series. Good show. Otherwise present and accounted for: Anne, Ralph, Jan, Joanie, Bob H, long-lost Bob S, Stevie Wonder, Ray, Peter, Johnny, Carole, Sharon and Ron.
Above: Social animals, taking advantage of the nice weather.
Below: Bob S back in action. Welcome.
We had many exciting games. It seems that Anne (Pit Bull) played in some of the fiercest matches and piled up a bunch of kill shots that left some of her opponents wandering around babbling incoherently. She and Stevie Wonder played the last game of the day against Ralph and this writer. It was a beauty of a game with some exceptional volleys, saves and hustle-plays. Anne made the winning point on a glorious play. 12-10.
Also: Steve has volunteered to take over the Pickleball scheduling for the next week or so, with the help of Lynn. So, pay attention to your emails. Don't leave Steve standing around the courts by himself.
And: We have had several players who are very interested in participating in the Lake Lure Pickleball Tournament to be held in late August. We'll keep you up-to-date.
See you soon.

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