Tuesday, July 20, 2010

UPG - International in scope - July 20, 2010

We had a pile of players (12) on this warmish day including Claude Le Plume De Ma Tante, who showed up almost a month late. He has been working on his English, but apparently is still struggling with common phrases such as Pickleball. Notice how he spelled it on his shirt! Also present and sometimes accounted for: Mike, Carol, Johnny, Bob H, Pete, Gary, Steve, Jan, Joanie, Sharon & Yon Editor.
Above: Buckeye, Cupcake and their shadows. Other happenings: Spidy (while spectating) was scolded by Jan for yapping (yakking, if you prefer) at her during a crucial part of a match where Jan lost the point. Cupcake hurled strong words at Stevie Wonder for a poaching infraction. Oh: Carol's & Johnny's daughter Saxon and her two children Dexter and Riley were on the scene. We are always glad to have company, and it was especially nice, because the two youngsters shagged balls all morning. Thanks. Above: Jan is about to serve, or is going to hit a return. Your choice.
Below: Gary: getting low.
Below: Jan poaches one from Stevie Wonder as Spidy uses body English to help the ball elude her reach.
Below: Carol is ready for whatever is thrown at her.
We had another swell day on the courts and look forward to the next match which, if the weather cooperates, will be on Friday July 23. Check your E-mail.
PS: For Spidy's eyes only. Yon Editor spell-checked this Post 4 times, asked Sharon about one spelling, and looked up 3 words in Webster's Collegiate Dictionary Tenth Edition, copy write date: 1997, ISBN # 0-87779-708-0: Yapping, yakking and elude. I believe these words and all others in the text above, and herein, are correctly spelled. For the most part - no words have been left out except those the Editor intentionally left out. Should you (Spidy) find any misspelled words, or flagrant grammatical errors, please advise by Certified, Return-Request, Air Mail or via an Insured, Bonded Courier. A $50 (US Dollars, only), non-refundable, cash, security deposit must accompany the Official Notification. Upon receipt, the UPG Editorial Staff will evaluate the claimed errors and, if found to be valid, will take immediate action to correct the problem and will strike the Editor about the head and shoulders with a blunt instrument. Ed.

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