Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Another steamy day - UPG - July 6, 2010

We (Spike & Cupcake) are back in town - but, no one took mercy on us because we suffered a few crushing defeats. Hot today, but that didn't stop a baker's dozen from showing up - and they came out swinging. Players: Mike, Johnny, Jan, Joanie, John, Steve, Bob H, Ray, Sharon, Gary, Lynne, Ralph & yon editor. One match went to 14-12, several were tight and there were a few blowouts as well. But, fun we had and that's what it is all about - plus the exercise, of course and don't forget the camaraderie and the good-natured bantering and stuff like that.
Looks like we'll be playing on Friday, July 9th - but, check your E-mail to confirm. The UPG Camera Team and Associates, LLC, advises that they (it) will be on hand for our next p'ball session to take more stunning photographs - the kind of photos that the UPG players have come to expect. And, they (you) shan't be disappointed!

See you on Friday

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