Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Pickleball - Session - July 13, 2010

We had 11 players today and at least that many hot games. Present, and playing their hearts out: Johnny, John, Mike Joanie, Jan, Bob H, Pete, Anne, Lynne, Sharon & Ron. Barbara from Anne's aerobics class came by and tried her hand at P'ball. It was a little cooler today - about 90 degrees when we quit after 2-1/2 hours at 11:30. As always, we had many fine matches and some exceptional match ups. Loads of fun; exercise, too. Above: Pete easily earns 'cover-boy' status for his hard hitting hustle-plays and his cat-like net play. Good shew (as Ed Sullivan would say - if he was still around, that is.)
Above: Buckeye is in the 'relaxed/casual' mode as he awaits a return from Cupcake's serve.
Other items of great significance and import: You have all heard, from Smoke, about the Lake Lure crowd's upcoming Pickleball Games of Hickory Nut Gorge. Beginning on Thursday, August 26. Stayed tuned for more details. We also heard from Dick W of the Keowee Keys Pickleball Group (and a comment has been attached to the BLOG), that the KKPG has 60 residents who have signed up to learn to play P'ball. The 'crew' hopes to have two tennis courts lined for Pickleball soon.
Plan on a P'ball session on Friday (and, perhaps some yummies). Hear that Buckeye???

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