Saturday, July 10, 2010

Sweltering Friday - UPG - July 9, 2010

Teenager, Muriel gets the Number 1 billing on this First of its kind - 2 episode P'ball report. There was much competition for this coveted spot, but Muriel took the prize by a nose.

We had 15 players who laughed at the hot weather (94 degrees when we quit at noon). Mike, Lynne, Joanie, Johnny, Ray, Bob H*, Jan, Sharon, Steve, Anne, Ralph, Gary, Muriel, Ron & Brook, (first time P'baller, friend of Jan's - all the way from San Diego). Brook played many games and, being a tennis player, got the hang of the game right away. * It's not our habit to comment on players who show up 'late', but Bob H (Buckeye) was about a half hour late for the start of the session. The reason he was tardy - is because he attended LeBron James' goodbye bash in Cleveland the night before our match as he (LeBron, not Buckeye) headed for Miami. The UPG Editorial Team (UPGET) is trying to secure a photograph confirming Bob's report, especially because he claims to have had quite a spirited conversation w/ LeBron and even went so far as to try to talk the superstar into not leaving Cleveland. On the same subject: Big Cavs fan Stevie Wonder reportedly cut up his LeBron T-shirt and will use the remains for oil rags.

We had many battles on the steamy courts. It took some cajoling to keep everyone playing, instead of plunking down in the only shady spot on the court that kept getting smaller as the morning wore on. Above. Bottom right. Gary earns the best dressed award formerly held by someone else.
Below: Bottom right. Stevie Wonder executes one of his most blatant poaches. Does anyone care to guess were the returned ball was directed - and, did Stevo get it? We don't think so, Clyde.

Above, bottom left. Brook & Ron, thanks to Lynne for taking the photo.
Oh, almost forgot. At the end of the session when most folks were on their way home, or should have been, Mr. Wonder challenged yon Editor to a full-court singles match. Steve won the match 11-8. Good show. This loss will be avenged. Stay tuned.
As noted above this report will be continued tomorrow. Be sure to tune in because there will be several more exciting photographs and - far more important - a National Inquirer-like expose that you'll not want to miss.

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