Friday, July 23, 2010

Smelteresque P'ball - No softies allowed - 7/23/10

Our Cover-girl this week is Prema, the Granddaughter of hard-core player Joanie. Prema won the honor hands-down. Unlike other folks who have been so blessed - she didn't have to pay for the privilege!

Eleven P'ballers abandoned their temperature-controlled perches and played under conditions that would keep normal folks indoors, in their lounge chairs chugging iced tea, or better yet - adult beverages, while eyeing the Weather Channel. But, we played for 2-1/2 hours, until we were thoroughly cooked. By that time the shady spot at the northeast corner of the court had finally disappeared. We had some excellent matches. At least two paddles were unintentionally propelled due to sweaty palms. No injuries were recorded.

Above: Lynne was on her game today. She was working so hard and covering so much of the court that her partners pretty much stood around in case she needed a breather.
Below: Gary is sporting a colorful RAGBRAI shirt. Someone claimed it was a distraction while another player said he (Gary) looked like a rainbow. The UPG Nickname Operations Production Entrepreneurs, after much discussion and 3 votes, decided not the saddle Gary with the nickname Rainbow as suggested by a player who asked not to be identified.
Below: Clockwise from top left. The 2nd documented case of a ball embedded in the fence; this one so mangled that it probably will be used for only another week or so. Continuing clockwise: Hoot pounding one, Jan relaxing after an unreturned serve & Cupcake serving.
We'll be at it again next week. See you then.

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