Friday, July 16, 2010

Equatorial P'ball - July 16, 2010

No pictures today. Too busy playing P'ball, taking in fluids and pounding down brownies. Eleven players showed up and played like it was 60 degrees even though is was more like 90 and without a breath of a breeze. On the scene: Bob H, Mike, Jan, Johnny, Pete, Carol, Ralph, Steve, Gary, Muriel and Ron.

An old friend used to describe hot days as being "extremely Equatorial" - that is the reason for the phrase in the title. Don't bother looking it up. Ponder it. Absorb it. Use it, and call it your own.

We had a lot of fiery matches as we always do. Paddles flew a few times (wet hands - but, thanks for the thought). The treat of the day - and perhaps the last 6 months - a serious batch of brownies, with nuts (otherwise they wouldn't be real brownies) and lightly powdered with confectionery sugar. Thanks to Buckeye for delivering the brownies, properly served on a little table with dainty napkins for those who don't use their sleeves. Thanks to Mrs. Buckeye for doing the baking duties.

Check your email in the next few days. I'll be sending out info and updates about events in Keowee Keys and Lake Lure. Lots of stuff going on. Do these 2 things if you don't do anything else worth while. READ YOUR UPG E-MAIL AND CHECK THE BLOG - THIS BLOG!!!

See you next week.


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