Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween 'Spirit' Day - P'ball 10/29/2010

OK. Here we go. First off. Please note that photos 3 & 4 below are rated PG 13. This day represented our 3rd Freaky Friday. The theme of this most festive of all days in October - being Halloween 'Spirit' day. As you will see. Players: Lynne, Steve, Peter, Gary, John, Sharon and Ron. Not playing, but present for the event was Jan. We had 66% participation in the costume/theme contest which is an all time world's record for the Timmons Park contingent of the UPG. At first it seemed that Ace (4th picture below) had 1st place in the bag; then Gary showed up facing everyone, walked by and displayed what looked like flesh on his north end. He moved into 1st place handily, dropping Ace to 2nd. Then, The Spinmaster happened by @ his patriotic best and moved into second place in the voting pushing hapless Ace to 3rd. Gary & The Spinmaster are pictured in the coveted opening picture of this episode.
Above: L-R: Spike, Peter, Cupcake, Ace, I don't know & The Spinmaster.

Above: Same crew as above except Gary and his plastic butt is pictured Unbeknownst to Gary, he is being groped by Cupcake and Ace. Dashing Jan (on R) stands innocently by.

Except for the forced group pictures above - everyone steered clear of Gary.

Above: The competition was too tough for Ace who would have 3rd place in the costume competition, if there was a 3rd place - which there wasn't. So, she didn't.
We also played pickleball. Bright and breezy. W/ 7 players - only one of whom wanted to play cutthroat - we limited play to one court. Played for 2-1/2 hours and had a good time doing it.
We'll be closely watching the weather next week for more exciting pickleball events. Check your email.

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