Thursday, December 2, 2010

Gale-force P'ball - Wed, 12/01/10

Wednesday P'ball. Nine players present: Steve, Johnny, Carol, Joanie, Jan, Peter, Claude, Sharon and Ron. It was a blustery day with potent wind conditions, but perhaps not the most squirrelly day in our history. But, the GNHA Historians are checking. Many fine games as usual including a 14-12 match. Peter (above) added some excitement to the day when he took what would be best described as a 'digger'. If it was a 'dive', he would have earned no more than a 5.6 (4.0 from the Russian judge). But, he came up smiling and carried on as all hard-core P'ballers do.
Joanie (above) like the rest of us was bundled up at first, but as things heated up some she shed a few layers.

Three duds dudes showed up unannounced. We took a vote and allowed them to play. L-R: Claude, Spike and Stevie Wonder. The guy in the middle is really much taller than his two partners-in-crime. Trick photography accounts for the distortion. Yup. Below: More shadowy folks. L-R: Yon Editor, Lash and Hoot. The distortion is very evident in this photo!
We will be playing again on Friday, December 3rd. It will be chilly so bring some warm stuff. See you then.
Also: Thanks to Steve for taking care of the UPG gear over Thanksgiving.

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