Thursday, December 2, 2010

Special Edition - Florida P'ball: Sunday, 11/28/10

While in FL for a Thanksgiving family gathering, we visited with Ken and Lynn (founders of Upstate pickleball and the Upstate Pickleball Group). K and L live in a very nice community in Leesburg, FL and are lucky enough to reside in the heart of central Florida's Pickleball country. They have excellent facilities for indoor and outdoor p'ball in their community. There are nearby communities that have exceptional facilities as well - and, loads of players.

We had the pleasure of playing with about 12 other players on indoor tennis courts, which are capable of supporting 4 p'ball courts. Three courts were set up in about 10 minutes.

Like the UPG, the players rotate often. Unlike our crowd, the FL troops rotate players by the order in which they sit on a row of chairs near the court. We line up our paddles; they line up their torsos. Works like a charm.

A bunch of good players; they hang around the kitchen and they love kill shots. I have a nice, round, purple bruise on my chest to prove it.

Great folks and lots of fun, too.
We had a nice visit as can be seen above. K and L brought us to The Villages where we poked around, then had a tasty diner in an excellent seafood restaurant.

See next post.

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