Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Time to reflect - UPG P'ball - Tuesday, December, 28, 2010

Eleven players were in action on this beautiful 40 + degree day: Ralph,  Gary, Steve, Jan, Joanie, Anne, Sharon, Peter, Mike, Claude and Ron.
It was a spectacular pickleball day and those who showed up were proof positive that when the going gets tough, the tough get going. Sharon played brilliantly and was able to return some shots two or even three times in a row. Steve, complimented her profusely for her remarkable talent. Ron tried very hard to not play his usual hard core game and was able to leave the court without the need for subsequent medical attention at the ER. Mikey and Gary were unbelievable and everyone who saw them play , even passers by, were duly impressed. Anne, Jan,and Joanie smashed, bashed and pulled out all the rest of the stops to pulverize their opponents. Stevie Wonder, well what can I say, he was the Lebron James of pickleball. Ralph was formidable Ralph. If he put any more "English " on the ball it would go into outer space and Claude was Claude . Merci!!! We will miss him, his humor, and those balls he so innocently drops over the net. Sacre bleu!!! and Peter "played like a man". What more can I say. See you all Friday for more fun on the courts.


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