Thursday, December 16, 2010

Weather or not. P'ball - Tuesday, 12/14/10

Cold-weather toughies: L-R: Peter, Anne (Pit Bull), Jan, Steve (Stevie Wonder), Sharon (Cupcake) and yon editor (Spike). That should tally up to about a half dozen. This event, with the temperatures hovering right around the freezing point - sets an all-time World record for cold-temp P'ball matches - played outdoors. The temperature was recorded on an official scientific instrument that is often loaned to the National Weather Service (see below).
Six players didn't quite fill the courts, so we played doubles on one court and half-court singles on the other. There were a lot of missed balls because Spidy wasn't here to direct his partners: "you got, I got, we both got, who got?" But, we carried on for 1-1/2 hours. Taking breaks was a chilly affair (that's Jan below - bundled up).
Below: Cupcake dressed for the conditions.
Should be a playable day on Friday the 17th. Watch for the e-mail announcement.


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