Saturday, December 18, 2010

Where's Nantucket? - Friday, 12/17/2010 - Pickleball

The courts were wet when we first arrived, but Spidy was already on site swabbing away. At one point we had 5 players drying the courts. We let the sun and the light breeze finish the job. Present: Johnny, John, Bob H, Jan, Anne, Lynne, Joanie, Steve, Mike, Peter, Gary, Sharon and yours not-necessarily-truly. Qualifier: Ronaldo only played 1/2 a game due to a bum right arm. Johnny had a knee problem, but he played 4 or 5 matches; Stevie Wonder was a little out-of-sorts, but he played most of the time when he was able to remain vertical. That left 9 perfectly healthy players (and Steve) who played for 2-1/2 hours under bright sun and a light breeze - that mostly pestered John. Temp: Low 50s.
Near the end of the session, and while everyone was still on the court - yon Editor and loving wife Cupcake were very surprised and pleased to be presented with a generous gift certificate for Rick Erwin's West End Grill (Nantucket Seafood Grill) and a very nice card thanking us for tending to the Upstate Pickleball Group. Ed Note:  His Loquaciousness Spidy thought a gift certificate for Chick-fil-A would be more fitting for the occasion (or,  for the recipients), but thankfully, he was overruled by the rest of the troops.
Above: Cupcake & Spike read  the card while Pit Bull and Spidy look on to help with 'big' words.
Below: Sophie tends to her dog. She also helped out by shagging a few balls for the players who were burning up the courts - especially firecrackers Pit Bull, Ace and Joanie.
We'll be playing on Tuesday (the 21st) whether or not the weather permits. Stay tuned.

Thanks P'ballers. We are humbled by your thoughtfulness.

Spike & Cupcake

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