Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Winter Solstice & P'ball - what a combo! Tuesday, 12/21/10

Temp was in the mid-40s, but it seemed a little raw. Good turnout. Players in action: Joanie, Peter, Mike, Bob H, Ralph, Gary, Sharon, Claude, Anne & John. This chronicler was on-site as well, but was on the Injured Reserve List. With the energetic help of Joanie's granddaughter Prema, I spent mucho time shagging balls. Joanie brought a plate of Christmas cookies and Peter some unspiked egg nog. So, between matches - and sometimes during matches - players took in the yummies. 

Sorry about no pictures. The UPG camera crew failed to charge the batteries of the camera. Another miserable failure.

Here we go. The troops kept both courts busy, and by the racket (pun intended), it was clear that at least some of the games were tight and exciting. Two players were observed weeping - so, the consensus from the UPG Analysts, is that they (the blubbering players) may have suffered a grievous loss. But, who can know for sure? Who keeps score anyway?

 The UPG is taking this Friday off (12/24) so folks can prepare for the holidays. Hope it is happy and safe. We are planning another P'ball session on Tuesday, Dec 28th and that may very well be our last match in twenty - ten (I like two thousand and ten better).

Happy Holidays.
Spike & Cupcake

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