Sunday, December 5, 2010

P'balling and partying - Friday, 12/03/10

We had nine players today including a newbie to the World of Pickleball - Norma. She is a tennis player, so started getting into the game after missing her first few shoots which tennis players traditionally do. Also present: Lynne (and Bridgett), Steve, Mike, Ralph, Jan, John. Sharon and yon fabricator. We had a bright day; the wind didn't pick until later so we had to suffer without its influence (and excuses) for the first several rounds. Above: Spidy (L) and Ralph scrapping for the ball. Below: (L-R): Norma-the-new, Cupcake and Stevie Wonder taking life easy.
PM: Jan hosted a very well attended and stocked 'holiday' party (in deference to you PCers). Our 2nd annual party. Plenty of P'ballers and loved ones present and each brought food and goodies to share. P'ballers struggled to recognize each other - without shorts, knee braces, cool movie star shades and ridiculous hats. But, we managed.
Above: The 3rd and time-honored UPG tradition of The Passing of the Pickle takes place as hundreds of P'ballers look on. Note: This was 3rd Passing of the Pickle  ceremony (See December 2012 BLOGS for details). 
Stevo earned the award because he - without regard for life, limb or his sterling reputation - took on the scheduling, gear-toting and event reporting duties for our group while those that normally have those duties were gallivanting and/or roving. Stevorama also was 90% correct at predicting the weather 35% of the time. Great jobs Mr. Wonder.
Above: P'ballers and pals ponder. (L-R): Half of Gary, Nikki, Bad-Boy Bill, Hoot  and Joanie-Of-Arc.
Below: Lightened-up-moment. (L-R): Peter, Lash, some one's north end, Gary and Steve.
Thanks to Jan for taking on this group of good friends - a mix of P'ballers and hikers and their cohorts. And, thanks to Too-Tall-Ben for making sure everyone had their choice of beverages and a place to sit.

P'ball is where it's at!

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