Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Brownies today - P'ball, too. 5/25/2010

Above is Cupcake, sort of gloating. Before her is a very nice batch of brownies (with nuts) reluctantly provided by Buckeye. Cupcake is gloating and enjoying a brownie at the same time because they were extorted from Buckeye. The last time we played P'ball he left the court but, inadvertently, forgot to take his paddle. It was promptly commandeered by Cupcake and she forwarded a ransom note. Paraphrased: "Bring brownies the next time we play or you'll never see your paddle again." The paddle was returned unharmed. Cupcake unselfishly shared her booty with the rest of the troops.

Eleven players were on hand: Johnny (Hoot), Carol (Lash), Bob T (Grumpy), Bob H (Buckeye). Mike (Spidy), Charlie, Peter, Steve (Stevie Wonder), Lynne (Ace), Sharon (Cupcake) and Ron (Spike). Chance of T-storms were predicted, but we were blessed with nice weather, a dry court and just enough breeze to make thing interesting. Charlie (of May 4th damaged knee fame) was back, and started getting into the groove. We had an occasion where Player 1 dropped a shot over the net and on its own accord, (helped somewhat by backspin and wind), hopped back over the net without being touched by either opponent. The point goes to Player 1.
We had a fun day and many hard-fought games. And, of course the brownies were a big hit.

We'll be playing again on Friday, May 28th. But, always verify the schedule by checking your email.
Ed. note: All photos, including those in collages, can be enlarged by left-clicking on the individual images.

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