Friday, May 14, 2010

Pickleball funday - May 14, 2010

We had a swell day (some might even call it 'swell-tering) if the 90 degree temperature were to be factored into the equation. Not to worry. Twelve hearty players arrived including Richard W and newbie Paul who both hailed from Keowee Keys - which we are told - is within the Continental United States. Players present: Bob T (Grumpy), Bob H (Buckeye), Muriel, Richard W, Paul, John (Spinmaster), Johnny, Carol, Lynne (Ace), Mike (Spidy), Sharon (Cupcake) and Ron (Spike). Some very exciting events occurred today. Most importantly: Carol started a match @ "zero, zero only" and never gave up the serve wining the match almost single-handidly 11 - 0. I was lucky enough to be her partner and barely had to move during the shellacking of whoever the opponents were. Bob T had a few games that he'd like to forget, plus a few hard-fought beauties. But, the devastating losses wore on him and to repent he decided to officially adopt the nickname 'Grumpy' until further notice. So, Grumpy it is. Above: That's Carol with her 'matching-knees' outfit. Below: Spidy (with Muriel) is about to kill the ball but, hopefully, not the opposing players (Buckeye & Carol).
Welcome to Paul from KK. He has never played P'ball before, but has played other paddle/racquett sports before and it showed up in his playing. No problem there. Below: Muriel laces the ball from the depths of her territory.
We ended our 3-hour day of many nice matches with a few 'Alpha' matches. It just kills me to report this - but, in the last game of the day - Spidy and Ace, came back from a 7 - 2 deficit, playing against yours truly and Bob T (Grumpy) and won the game 11-8! Good show.

We enjoyed the day, as we always do. Even got some gabbing in. Some wondered about the absence of Stevie Wonder. He's probably fretting about the Cav's loss to the Cetlics? But, who can possibly know for sure?
See you next week.

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