Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Moisture-impaired P'ball - Tuesday, May 11, 2010

OK. So, the weather prediction was a little off. It rained Monday evening, but we dried the courts in short order. In the mean time we accumulated 9 players as follows: Mike, Steve, Ray, John, Bob T, Gary, Peter, Sharon and her little brother.

As soon as we started playing, it started to mist, then drizzle (neither of these terms constitute 'rain' . FYI and for future reference: Not rain = Cloudy, fog, mist, drizzle & sprinkles; rain = showers, rain, downpour, deluge, gullywasher & hurricane). The courts were soon wet, but not by 'rain' as already explained in detail above. This weather event discouraged a few players, who some would say, used good judgement and departed after a few games. The rest of us played on, and lucky us - the mist stopped and the courts tended to dry a little. We had several good games and managed to play for two hours.

Status report: we are waiting to hear about the status of the 5 tennis courts at Gowers Park that are supposed to be resurfaced and lined for Pickleball/tennis. We are looking forward to that event, so we'll be able to encourage more players to join us and perhaps invite players from other groups to join us for some friendly competition.

See you on the courts.
Sharon's little brother, Spike

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