Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Pickleball - Not for softies - May 4, 2010

The photo above shows the ghastly "wounded knee" suffered by new-guy Charlie who 'took one for the team' on his very first time playing Pickleball. This is, after all, the way the game is meant to be played. Charlie understands that, so he'll play again with the UPG. Welcome Charlie.

The courts were very wet this morning, so Steve (second-in-charge, twice-removed) got there early to clear the courts. Good guys Bob T and John showed up immediately thereafter (or, just before), both fully armed and the trio went at the courts with Charlie taking on the all important, but poorly paid supervisory roll. Peter was on hand, too.

We started playing, the sun came out and the courts dried themselves in nothing flat. Many good games followed. Stevie Wonder was on his game. It was difficult, and sometimes impossible, to get a ball by him when he was at the net. Lynne and yon editor can attest to that. It was during one of the hot matches that Charlie did (we think) a one-and-a-half-gainer and made quite a racket in the process.
As always, we had a lot of fun. We played for 2-1/2 hours. Many thanks to Steve for scheduling the matches for the last 10 days and to Lynn for sending out the notices.

Above: Steve and Joanie; Below: Bob T and Lynne; 2nd below: John and Mike.

Looking forward to the next match. Probably May 7th, but check your email for the Official Notification.

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