Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Extraordinary P'ball Session - May 19, 2010

Peter F. is today's poster boy by an almost unanimous vote of the Upstate Pickleball Group Committee For Occasionally Honoring Selected Players Once-A-Week, Or So (UPGCFOHSPO-A-W, OS). Congratulations Peter and thanks for the 'donation'.

We had exceptional weather today and a good group of players - eleven in all: Johnny, Carol, Bob T, Mike, Joanie, Peter, Steve, Lynne, Muriel, Sharon & Ron. Hard fought games as always and plenty of time for jaw-sessions as well. There was one Rules Infraction that must be reported for the good of the game. Stevie Wonder was cited for flagrant and excessive celebration. He yelled, hollered and carried on for what seemed like several minutes after he executed a fine forehand, point-winning shot. He was also intending to jump the net, but was restrained by his partner, who reminded Stevie that the game wasn't over! Mr. Wonder will receive a written reprimand when the Rules and Character Committee meets in March 2016.
We have successfully adopted two more nicknames as follows: Carol will now answer to Lash, reminiscent of Lash LaRue - a cowpuncher famous for his adeptness with a whip. His whip prowess, however, doesn't even begin to compare with Carol's lashing at the ball when she plays the net. Get it: Lash - lashing? Work on it, OK? Johnny will be called Hoot henceforth (Not Hoot Henceforth - just Hoot from now on). This is a nickname that he acquired many years ago. The UPG Nickname Conglomerate Association, Inc, LLC also recommended Crusher, as a possibility, but the handle was categorically, rejected by Hoot.

We have fun, get good exercise and I get to write these idiotic blurbs. It's the Pickleball Experience. Will be looking at Friday for our next match. Check your email.

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