Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Exceptional P'ball - October 12, 2010

L-R 1st row: Spike, Cupcake, Joanie, Lash, Jan & Ace (w/ Bridgett).
L-R 2nd row: Gary, Bob T, Hoot, Peter & Spidy.

Today was the 1st day on our 'Winter Schedule'. We started play at 1:00PM instead of 9:00AM. The temperature rose to 80 degrees and the only shady spot was @ the southeast corner of the court where you can see some of the troops lounging in the picture below. The photo above will appear as a permanent fixture on the BLOG, replacing an out-of-date one. If some of those people in the photograph exercised a little more patience, the photographer might have managed to take another shot from a different vantage point, that would have eliminated some of the shadowing. Maybe next time.

Present: Joanie and Bob T who have been out of action - working and traveling - welcome back; Peter, Mike, Johnny, Carol, Jan, Gary (still recovering from a broken collar bone), Sharon & Ron. Lynne, a little under the weather, and mascot Bridgett came for a visit.
Playing later in the day didn't inhibit the playing intensity. There were a number of exceptional games - many w/ hot action at the net. If there was such a rating as "the game of the day", which there isn't and never will be - it would probably be the game where partners Spidy and Jan played against Gary and Peter. The match was a beauty to watch, with lots of fine footwork, shot-placement and teamwork. Good show.
GOWER PARK NEWS: It looks like we may not get into Gower Park until late this winter or early spring. The Park & Recreation Dept needs to do some lighting improvements. This action will involve the use of heavy equipment on the courts, which could damage the new surface.
KEOWEE KEYS P'BALL INVITATION: I have been in contact w/Richard Stone and have advised that we UPGers would prefer to play on Saturday - not on Thursday nights. The courts are only available to the Keowee Keys p'ballers part of the day on Saturdays. Richard is working on some other arrangements and will keep us apprised.
Stay tuned.

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