Sunday, October 24, 2010

FridayBall - but with a 'P' - 10/22/10

Gary-no-nickname gets top billing today, because the UPG Athletic Prowess Judging Crew (APJC) ranked him as the hottest player of the day (or, at least for several matches). Gary-n-n was as hot as a firecracker. Everyone else was tied for 2nd place.
Players in action: Gary, Bob T, Johnny, John, Peter, Steve, Ray, Joanie, Catherine, Sharon & yon Editor. A story-book day greeted us and we took full advantage of it. About 65 degrees, sunny with a just-right breeze. Lots of very good games followed. Folks are playing the net more and more each week. That makes for some exciting volleys and more than a few 'player-strikes' (mostly with the ball). There was one match where the ball was kept alive for 20 or more hits - most at the net - but, the actual number can't be confirmed because both of our camera crews were taking a coffee break. Another record not broken!
As already mentioned, Catherine was on site. She was kind enough to take several photos including some of yon Editor (below L).
Looks like we'll be playing P'ball on Tue the 26th. But, always check your e-mail before galloping down to Timmons. ALSO: We will be celebrating another episode of FREAKY FRIDAY on October 29th, which just happens to be a few days before Halloween. You will receive a formal notification. But, be thinking about the day, the trophies (on back order), the glory of getting top billing, endorsements, photo shoots, fan clubs. It's beyond comprehension.

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