Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Not-so-unlucky-13 (players, that is) - Oct 19, 2010

Thirteen players were on the courts and enjoyed the sparkling, 80 degree day and some fine P'ball to boot. Stevie Wonder returned from a cruise claiming he gained 5 pounds, but he looked as svelte as ever and dashed around the court like a gazelle. Ralph was back in town too - none the worse for the wear. His game was hot. Players: Johnny, Carol, Mike, Steve, Peter, Lynne, Joanie, Charley, John, Bob T., Ralph, Sharon & Ron. As always we had scads of matches with the usual excitement and occasional debates about line calls. A few big 'almost-comebacks' were reported with considerable glee. Above: Peter and Bob T protect the 'kitchen'. Below: Cupcake is adorned with a tie-dyed shirt that she has had since 1973 when she was 9. Or, something like that. Will re-check the numbers!
Above: Fiery action everywhere - so much so, that The Shadow appeared on the scene to take photos.
Below: The courts are full of P'ballers and the balls are sailing. Another day of fun in the sun.
Other news: Spidy-the-long will be leaving us for a while. But, promises he will be back - ready to play in a week or so. He has generously left a 2-hour, hi-fi recording (at 86 decibels) of he himself saying: "I got", "You got" - so players will know when and when not to hit the ball - even in his absence. Bob Buckeye Hoppy suffered a calf injury while recklessly deadheading flowers at home. The injury is not expected to be 'career-ending'. He will be returning to P'ball soon but will not be at his customary 65 percent for another several sessions. Yuk, yuk.
See you on Friday.

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