Sunday, October 10, 2010

Hatchet buried - P'ball - Friday, 10/08/10

Below: Spidy points to the specially engraved trophy he presented to The Spinmaster as sort of a peace offering gesture in response of the 'spirited debate' that was referenced in the BLOG entry for October 5, 2010. Then, we got into p'ball, which is the reason everyone showed up wearing shorts and carrying funny-colored paddles. Eleven were present: Carol, Johnny, John, Mike, Peter, Ray, Charley, Jan, Bob H, Sharon & Ron. We had fine weather, just enough of a breeze and lots of good matches.
This coming week (beginning on Tuesday, October 12th), we will switch over to our Fall/Winter/Spring mode and begin our play at 1:00PM. And, as always, we will play until the last players drops or until we are driven out by darkness. Stay tuned.

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