Tuesday, October 5, 2010

'Spirited Debate' P'ball - Oct, 5, 2010

We had 10 players on hand: Spidy, Stevie Wonder, The Spinmaster, Hoot, Lash, Ray, Charley, Jan, Cupcake & Spike. Chilly at first, with a breeze. Warmed up nicely, but the breeze stayed with us. We had lots of good-old-fashioned p'ball matches and everyone stayed upright which is one of our goals. We are missing some of our core players: Some are travelling, one or two are on the injured list, the others are unaccounted for. Looking forward to their return. Above: Lash serves one toward Hoot and Charley. Below: Stevie Wonder hits a return while The Spinmaster stands by.
Above: Ray (the day's snappiest dresser) sends the ball for a swift ride. Below: Spidy is about to pound a forehander.

Above: There was some question about who should take the shot. Spike won out, seconded by Spidy. Below: Charley awaits a shot by Lash.
OK. The 'Spirited Debate' thing. It seems that there was a question about rules; the most vocal participants had exactly opposite views on the subject. The duo subsequently became rather vocal while adamantly trying to make their points. Their partners in the match, wisely slipped some distance away, while the foursome on the other court enjoyed the passionate vigor of the exchange. Peace was soon restored and we got back to p'ball again. All very exciting, though. The UPG's first officially recognized bru-ha-ha!
We'll be playing again on Friday AM. Stay tuned for the E-mail announcement.

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