Sunday, October 3, 2010

P'Ball Report - Friday, 10/01/ 2010

We started with wet courts. Even without The Spinmaster to guide us, the courts were dried and operational in near-record time of 14 minutes, 14.578 seconds (but, who's counting?).

Eight players showed up for fun in the sun, coolish temps and a light breeze: Spidy, The Spinmaster, Stevie Wonder, Pete, Hoot, Charley, Cupcake and Spike.
With eight players, we all kept busy playing. Rotated players and courts. Many fine games. Some of us were able to use the wind as an excuse for marginal shots. Other players competed for other lame (pun intended), excuses to account for their occasional, unacceptable play, including various aches and pains. For the record: Sore shoulder, bum knees, impaired vision, dandruff, sun in your eyes are already taken! Come up with something original.
We'll be playing this coming week depending on the weather. Watch for related important E-mails.

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