Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Windyball - Tue. 10/26/2010

Well, the courts were very puddled when we arrived and as each player showed up, they took to the squeegees and brooms and pushed the water off the courts in about 15 minutes. The strong, swirling wind finished the job for us as we played under cloudy skies. Top photo: Ray serving. He had one of his better outings and made many fine shots. Consequently, he turned up in the winners circle more than a few times. Photo directly above taken by Catherine: Spike (in blue) and Stevie Wonder firing on Peter and his unseen partner. Below: Through the net. Mr. Wonder & Cupcake.
Seven players were present: Ray, Steve (Stevie Wonder), Catherine, Peter, Lynne (Ace), Sharon (Cupcake) & Ron (Spike). Below: Catherine the Great does a little soft-shoe after drilling a return.
With only 7 players we played doubles on one court and when we were able to rustle up enough volunteers, we played cutthroat (Canadian Doubles) on the other court. We didn't get much rest, plus we had to fight the squirrelly winds the whole time. But, we played on and had a great time doing it.
Above: Cupcake is about to deliver a bullet. Below: Peter serves, while Ace awaits a return.
Below: Ace serving a hot one.

Pay attention to this part and watch your E-mail. We will be playing on Friday, 10/29/10. Actually, it is officially designated as Freaky Friday and will have its very own theme. It is no coincidence that the date is just 2 days before Halloween - if you are getting my drift!!! Watch for an important notification. Not reading your E-mail, not remembering, having a headache, or any other flimsy excuses will not be accepted - so, don't even think about pulling any of those clunkers out of your hat.

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