Sunday, January 2, 2011

The Last Day - 12/31/2010 - Friday Pickleball

The Last Day of 2010 that is. And, a beauty it was. These ten players showed up to finish off a great year of Pickleball: Ralph, Gary, Muriel, Mike, Joanie, Bob H., Steve, Peter, Sharon & Yours til the kitchen sinks.

With 10 players we kept the courts very busy and there was little time for goofing off but enough time for some exceptional games and fast action. Two shutouts were duly recorded, but as luck would have it - there were a few big-comeback wins, too. Otherwise, we played out the year with enthusiasm and vigor. Above:  Gary lunges for shot. He was on fire the whole time and made his opponents pay dearly if they made the mistake of feeding him lobs that weren't quite high enough.
Above: Muriel takes a shot near the kitchen; In the background Ralph is poised like a steel spring ready to pounce on any shots that anyone mistakenly sends his way! Below: Joanie & Cupcake protect their side of the court. Opposite: Ralph - like a caged tiger -  waits for his prey to make a mistake.
So, this little blurb - meagre as it is -  marks the end of the 2010 UPG playing season chronicles. But, just ahead is the 2011 season which starts on Tuesday, January 4, 2011. See you then.

Happy New Year and Happy P'balling.


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