Saturday, January 29, 2011

13 on Friday - P'ball - 1/28/2011 AD

Thirteen troopers were on hand for another fun (and funny) day of P'ball, pot shots and general all around good time. Players: Ralph, Steve, Gary, Catherine, Gary A, Jan, Mike, Peter, Muriel, Joanie, Lynne, Sharon and the chronic Chronicler. Try saying that 3 times. Here's how it went:
  1. A beautiful Red tailed hawk flew low over the courts. Brightened an already nice day.
  2. A pair of turkey vultures circled above for several minutes. The general consensus was that the vultures seemed to be eyeing Stevie Wonder. No one can say for sure, but the scavengers flew off when Mr. Wonder started moving around. So, it's only a guess.
  3. At one point loads of players were lounging around and wouldn't take to the courts - totally ignoring repeated requests from the Chief of Staff. The courts were cooling down. Muriel took charge, on her own accord - rattled off an order to commence playing. Within seconds the courts were occupied, balls were flying, paddles were flailing; players were leaping, lunging, lobbing - but, none were loafing. Muriel has now been elevated to the position of: Interim, part-time, non-payed, 2nd in command  Court Coordinator, thrice removed. Congratz.
Above: Catherine the Great (assistant photographer) fires away as Ralph looks on. Below: UPGers make themselves right at home - spreading themselves and their wares at will. Foreground: Mr. Wonder is moving about trying, successfully, to discourage the vultures.
Above: Players hard at work. Top photo of Cupcake and Spike by Catherine the Grate, Grape Great.
Below: More action.
We stayed at it for almost 3 hours. Doubles, Canadian Doubles and a few singles matches. This week is the first time in a while that we played 3 times. The weather made us do it. See you next week. Spike

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