Sunday, January 9, 2011

Bluster busters - P'ball - Friday, January 7, 2011

We have had much colder days. But, very blustery conditions and moderately cool temperatures (mid 40s)combined to cool everyone down. But, the action on the courts was hot. We had a good turnout of 12 players including a new kid on the block - Gary A. A former tennis player and long of reach. We warmed him up for about 15 minutes then rotated him into our regular killer matches. Gary A did a dandy job and went home with a few wins under his belt. Welcome.

The entire crew: Mike (Mighty Spidy), Joanie, Peter, Gary, Muriel, Gary A, Anne (Pit Bull), Bob H (Buckeye, Hoppy, Mr. Hopp, Bucky), Sharon (Cupcake), John (Spinmaster), Jan & Ron (Spike). Spidy gets much deserved credit for being the only one to wear shorts, on this brisk day while Pit Bull kept warm between games wrapped in a sleeping bag and Cupcake retired to the car. We had a bash as usual, and of course, the usual amount of banter. Enjoy the pictures below. Or, don't enjoy them. Your choice. Blow op the pictures by clicking on them. That's not an order - just a suggestion, so lighten up!

We here at UPG Doppler Systems are watching the weather carefully and are in direct contact with 3 of our weather satellites. You will be electronically apprised about our next P'ball session. Stay tuned.


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