Wednesday, January 5, 2011

2011 - Picklebowl - Tuesday, January 4th

This, our 1st session of 2011, was also our first 'bowl' event. Officially dubbed the Claussen Gherkin Upstate Picklebowl. The highlight of the event was the ceremonious unveiling of the Official Patch (shown below) as designed by the UPG with the blessing of the Claussen Pickle Company. Other products with the Logo will be available soon including, high tech sweat bands, athletic supporters, visors, pickleball paddle caddies, coolers, long-sleeved Ts, halter-tops and a very chic matching pen and pencil set in a handsome gift box - suitable for gift-giving. UPGers will get a substantial savings on all orders over $200.
We had 10 players in action: Jan, John, Bob H., Gary, Mike, Anne, Peter, Steve, Sharon & Ron. Once the opening festivities were over, we got into action and pounded the ball around for 2-1/2 hours. Many fine matches were held and we had a good time in the process. The weather was kind to us, too. About 50 degrees, a little breeze and sunny skies.
                                     Above: Stevie Wonder and Gary. Click, in the foreground.                                                 Below: Peter & Bob H. take on Jan & Steve.
                                                            Below: Spidy serving, and Jan.
Looking forward to more UPG action in 2011. Next time: Friday, January 7.

Condolences to our friend Ralph & his family.


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