Thursday, January 27, 2011

Thursday Ball Bashing - Jan.27, 2011

Another 'off' day @ P'ball- that is - not our usual Tuesday and Friday schedule. But, 7 players came out of the woodwork for another exciting day of ball bashing and ballbashing. In attendance: Ralph, Steve, Gary, Jan, Mike, Sharon & Ron. We are going to be playing again tomorrow, and I'm tuckered out - so, this BLURB will be short and sweet - like the Chief Blurbist.

It was a fine day, bright as can be with just enough breeze to push loose balls to one side of  the court for easy retrieval by our professional shagging staff. With only 7 players, there wasn't much time to goof off, but we managed somehow. Besides doubles, we played several singles matches; Spidy seems to have the corner on that particular market. At least when he plays your humble servant, that is. But, it's a great workout! See you on Friday, Jan 28th. Spike

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